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l like the idea of seduction in a public place. Perhaps a crowded train or bus.

And what if the player can choose the guy they want to Touch&Tease.

For example, the opening sequence is with the main character entering the train or bus. Next is he will be
observing the people inside. And then from his POV, 3 different guys will be shown. A youngster jock/student perhaps, a bear daddy and a salary man . And that's where the player can choose which one he wants to pursue.

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I LOVE these games. I discovered them randomly surfing Newgrounds last week and have kind of been obsessed since.

I like the ideas previously discussed about a DILF and/or in public. I know this would be more involved than anything before, but I was thinking to increase options perhaps "You", the main character, has recurring dreams that your crush comes over to your place in different fantasy attire (punk, sailor, cowboy, DILF/suit, elf, etc.) and after your erotic dream, you wake up to him knocking on your door. This gives the player multiple clothing options, in addition to dialogue choices catered to that fantasy. Each toolbox would have more toys to play with as well.

Anyhow, I'm rambling and I know there are other projects needing attention right now, but the possibilities of future T&T games is exciting.

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A superhero or super villain in spandex bounded would be sexy.

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I absolutely love the idea of an older/middle-aged man (DILF). Hairy, bearded, strong-minded, wise - I think that type of man would make a great character for a game like this!

I'm going to ramble a bit now... But perhaps you can find some ideas valuable and maybe pick some of them for a future "Touch and tease" game. I imagine a man in a power position (boss, company leader, police officer, official, etc.) being put in compromising situations / embarassed / publicly humiliated / blackmailed. Now, I don't know how kinky you actually are and what are your standards (and your audience's), but that would certainly make a hot game scenario.  8) 

Another nice idea would be a stripping game against a confident, experienced, proud player who would never imagine he could lose. His facial expressions and remarks could reflect his shame for both losing the game and having to strip (actually a rough, straight DILF would work best for this) and his reluctance to show his body to the player; the difficulty of the game may be higher in order to match the skill of the character. I know this kind of resembles the Kemo Coliseum premise, but a Touch & tease variant would be quite different (more psychological complexity, more dialogue and a human character).

Anyways, I hope you find these ideas interesting! Thank you for you work!