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Welcome to Dudedle Studio Forum!
« on: March 22, 2011, 08:54:29 PM »
Hello, fellow gamers. Welcome to Dudedle Studio Forum!

These forums should make it easier for everyone to discuss about our games. While contacting us directly is still available, asking your questions here might get a faster response ( and it's more fun that way! )

Most of the forums and features are available to those who have legally purchased one of our games only. For those who have purchased the game, simply register with the email address you used to purchase one of our games.

Rules & Manner
  • Due to the content of our products, you have to be 18 or above. If we found out that you're an underage, it's a ban.
  • Basic internet forum rules apply. I'll put more descriptive rule up if it is necessary, though I don't see a need for it as of now.
  • Do not share anything illegally here. You can talk about the content, but no direct link to said content in the forum post!
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