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Request for Secret Lab Access
« on: April 22, 2012, 10:49:30 PM »
Howdy! Since I've got many emails about this, I'd like to make an announcement regarding gaining access to the secret lab forum.

For New Member
  • Register for an account, using the same email you used to participate in an activity that grant you the access to the secret forum.
  • Approval is done manually to prevent bot and spammer. This should take not more than two days. Once approved, you should get the access right away.
  • In case you haven't gotten the access, please contact kuronorokurou via Private Message.

For Registered Member
  • Send a Private Message to kuronorokurou with something similar to this
    • Subject : Request for Member Group Upgrade
    • Body : I'd like to request for an upgrade of my account to gain access to the secret lab. I have donated/participated/won yadda yadda. My email is
  • This should take not more than two days. If it's longer than that, forward the message to me and I'll get in touch with kurono ASAP  >:(

Hope this helps! If there's any question, feel free to ask here :)
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