The following people have donated to Dudedle Studio. The list doesn’t include the donators who support a specific project.
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Updated on December 22 2012.
Name Comment Region
James N
LeeTY South Korea
Anonymous I think the games you have worked on so far are fantastic and I can’t wait to see more! Dudedle is made up of some very talented people! U.S.
FrozenRain I love you guy,all your games are awesome! US
Anonymous Russia
J Keep up the good work! US
Alnia You deserve it, what you guys make is not just adult content, it is well made and well maintained content which I do not regret purchasing. U.S.
aldebaran1 Not much, but love what you do, hope it helps 🙂 Mexico
nick US
Gabriel M. Freeware games (mainly Touch and Tease) made me to donate here. I’d love to see more games like "Touch and Tease" popping out here. 😀 Brazil