“Dudedle Studio” is a group of people who like games. We focus on creating high quality games for adult in English! We feel your pain, when all the cool gay adult/ero games are only available in Japanese. Thus, our main mission is to bring more love to the adult gay games.


Dudedle Studio wouldn’t happen without these people!


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Game Designer, Programmer. Scenario writer.
Like :  Games, Manga

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All dudedle games doesn’t exist without him. He is a main programmer and project planner.


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Art Director, Animator.
Like : Animation

He is an unsung hero.

Kuroda Rokurou

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Graphic Designer, Web Programmer, Game Designer, Manga artist.
Like : Manga, Drawing

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He draws characters for Touch and Tease series. He also wrote code for Sugar Shooter 2’s title menu, so he sometimes help Punipen in emergency. Since he draws manga these days, he is away from programming. Punipen doesn’t really like it.


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