Kemo Coliseum Donator’s list 2013

Thank you for supporting Kemo Coliseum!
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Name Comment Region
Ceoller I love game produced by Dudedle Studio!!!~~ I love you(or you guys)! Sorry for less donate, i'd like to donate more if I'm not student. AnywayXD Please make good! I will support Dudedle Studio forever! China
Anonymous LA
amani325 Hey PuniPen @Dudedle, I made a total of $20 the past two months (5 in December, and 15 just now). Can I get access to the All Secret forum. I am awaiting account approval on your forum and my alias is my username and my email is above. THANKS! LA
Eon Snowpaw This looks like it'll be PAWESOME! U.S.
Cloudfox More well-done furry eroge, in English? YES PLEASE U.S.
Pascal Terpstra I'm delighted to see this game getting developed and eventually finished! Come on everyone! Show the creators some well-deserved donations! I'll be hosting this game as soon as it's in production, so everyone can enjoy this! the Netherlands
FrostlyWolf Hope this will help out, and can't wait to see this come out well! Good luck! U.S.
ZImux Keep it up you guys! The game is looking to be pretty fun and highly entertaining right now! 😀 U.S.
Lyga Thailand
Insaneguy U.S.
Anonymous U.S.
Mess Cant wait to see this come out US
Duke_N Can't wait to see game finished in future! Keep up the awesome work. Finland
JJ Just found your flash games, and I really love all of them. I'm looking forward to this, and I'm sure it'll be fantastic once it gets done. 🙂 US
shao-ron 制作応援しております。 KEMONO LOVE! japan
Zoop I sure hope this donation helps you give us an even better game 😀 U.S.
Anonymous New Zealand
Scratch Torn 🙂 Maryland
Anonymous love to help out 😀 Australia
Axle This looks like a great game, and I hope very much to see it completed! Keep up your hard work, dudedle studios! U.S.
TSBoy Here is another push from me. Don't give up! U.S.
Ash Furson Florida
Reoh Good luck! I'm always with you. Empire of Japan
Anonymous your games are awesome. can't wait for more to come 🙂 U.S.
Duke_N Here's another monthly twenty bucks to support Kemo Coliseum. :> Really great work with the game. I gave the little teaser demo a few playthroughs and gotta say I really love how it's turning out. Hope you keep up the good work and eventually bring this game out for everyone to enjoy. Am sure it's gonna be a total hit once it's out for grabs. :> Finland
Furlock O'Donnell So very glad I could donate to something that looks so good! I can tell I'm going to love this. U.S.
monkeysuit Absolutely love the demo! I can't wait for the full version <3 United States
Paladin777 The game looks amazing. It's rare for me to donate to a game so the quality of Kemo Coliseum speaks for itself ^.=.^ U.S.
Anonymous This game have a great potential, that's why I support it 😉 France
Anonymous Good luck for your project! I can't wait to see this game completed 😀 France
Azaghal This game looks great! Gotta support hard work like this. Canada
Anonymous Great product and great game, but the donation system seemed a little flawed. I seemed accidentally click more than one time. Taiwan
Anonymous Cannot wait the great and simple game to be released. (If it has a god mode for later play is better XD) Taiwan
ultimatekd You guys are awesome! U.S.
havik I just played the demo!!! Can't wait for the full game!!! Keep up the good work guys!!! Canada
Pidge1976 US
Cheetahpaws There are not many furry games out there, so hope the donation will help create more. Keep up the good work! Singapore
Milano O. US
icoop Keep the awesome job! Mexico
Banille I can't wait for this game! USA
Anonymous I do hope the upcoming games will finish soon Malaysia
Anonymous Brazil
Anonymous u.s.
Konig This is awesome! Looking forward! /howl US
Kharn Skyshatter U.S.
ボーバ 大した金額じゃないし、あまり力にならないと思いますが、なんとか応援する気持ちを表します。できれば役に立ちたいです。 Russia
hakukuroja I'm not good at English. I'm looking forward to "Kemo Coliseum". Please do your best! Japan
Anonymous Cannot WAIT for this game to come out =D U.S
cracix Can't wait to give the game a try. Keep up the good work! I've played the demo and it is definitely very cool. =] I'm from the U.S., but Middle Earth would be cooler
Wingless Eddie Good luck! I respect your hard work! US
Pave Finland
Anonymous US
Luminairus I've played the Freeware and greatly enjoyed them, in particular the Touch and Tease games. Also the Kemo Coliseum game seems very interesting and so thought it would be worth it to donate in order to see more like these. Good work and please keep them coming. Phoenix, AZ
DFC Of all the "Match 3" games out there, this one's the one I'm looking forward to the most! USA
Keldric Usugi I can't wait for this game to come out! The demo already looks better than quite a few finished products that are already out for quite a bit of loose change! Arkansas, U.S.
Anonymous Enjoyed the demo, looking forward to playing the full game! Australia
Aitong Can't wait to play this game!! China
黃柏崴/神武闇嵐 Taiwan
LangHeise U.S.
Islander Lunette I hope my contribution helps. I love Dudedle Studio, and wish to help however I can. U.S.
Myles I can't wait for this game! U.S.
Scorch289 I cannot wait until this game is finished, i have been following the blog for quite some time ~<3 United States
javonni ford well i really like things with furries in it, especially with art this amazing, and i'd like to see more of it so i dont mind putting forth donations for that. united states
Dimitri I got only pics of the character I thought ill got the game Serbia
Anonymous Thanks for making these games, glad to support! 🙂
ornithol Keep up the good work – we really appreciate it! US
shotzo Thanks for making awesome kemono stuff available and accessible *\(^o^)/* USA
簡明偉 希望可以早日玩到遊戲!加油! Taiwan
Yuki Kasama 獣人好きな自分としては、嬉しい限りのゲームです。内容が楽しみです。 Japan
Mr Lion Love the game, can't wait to see more! AU
shun 完成を楽しみに待ってます。(*^_^*) Japan
Zoop Just dropping some cash by so you guys can make the game just that much more awesome. U.S.
Dragonchild This looks great. Can't wait to play the game. Keep up the great work. US
CroWanko Japan
リューキ 楽しみに待ってますー! Japan
Ft 1212
Totodice U.S.
dancet062 I wait eagerly for your production game finish.Please do your best. japan
dancet062 Hi,I sent total $20 for support you. Sorry for a little of money. Please do your best.
Anonymous Can't wait for this to be completed! U.S.
Timber U.S
DeeX pie USA
Drakenngard Thank you for doing awesome games! I hope that now I can finally enter the secret part of the forum to play the latest version of the demo!! Japan
Anonymous thanks for good game. south korea
Anonymous Thailand
tsyk14 楽しみにしてます。頑張ってください。 japan
Dianthus U.S.
Psyguydave England
Shenghao Han U.S.
Mintyprince i love hot boys Canada
Choi Chi Heon Kemo ColiseumのキャラクターのName Suggestionに参加してアイデアを出したけど ついに実質的に役に立ってうれしく考えています。 みんなさん頑張ってください!! South Korea
Genesis Thanks for all the great work you do toward this awesome game. I can't wait to get access to the special forums! WOOOOT! Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Taloc Minnesota
Anonymous keep up the good work Australia