Kemo Coliseum Donator’s list 2012

Thank you for supporting Kemo Coliseum!
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Name Comment Region
Bubba just curious, I don’t know when it open a game. but I want play game a enjoy. lol. when will release dates to game? U.S
Dannyboy US
Havik Hey guys, hope this little donation will help you 🙂 and I’m really looking foward to play this game, looks awesome. So good luck and I’ll let you know how great your game is when it will come out. Canada
KillerO England
LucaFox Australia
M.L. I have high hope for this game 😀 U.S.
rickdius japan
Sanmer Cheers to more furry games! Malaysia
TheSmithster U.S.
Wesley May Canada
WinterGreen Australia
Anonymous U.S.
Anonymous はじめまして、ケモノ系の掲示板で本作品を知りました。 剣士達の活躍を見たいので、支援をします。 スタッフの皆様、制作頑張ってください! (I knew the game in some forum about ‘kemono’. Since I want to play the game and see furry warriors, I donated to the project. I’ll be rooting for you! *…sorry, my English is not good*) Japan
Anonymous Japan
Anonymous I look forward to final game! I wanted to make sure that I donated to support your development. Take care! ~ U.S.
Tiehan This is an ambitious project, and I wish you guys the best of luck on it. Creating a novel battle system, rpg elements, and a written story for a game is no small task. I appreciate your efforts to make this ‘a game to play for the game’ rather than just ‘a game to play for the porn.’ U.S.
Suzuryu Sale of a Japanese version is also expected. Japan
Neuro Russia
Nic Hello Dudedle studio! I like what you guys are doing and I hope this little gift will be of great use for the Kemo Coliseum project :] Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Canada
Reiga Always pleased with what Dudedle Studios creates. Kemo Coliseum will definitely not be a disappointment ;3 U.S.
坂本 大樹 ケモコロシアム、楽しみに待っています^^ 早くいいゲームができるようになったらいいと思います。 どうか、頑張ってください! 日本
I’m very excited to see how this game turns out 🙂 so far it’s been pretty awesome, so I believe it will get even better! Keep up the good work 😀 Canada
Nic I thought I’d give you guys a little something for the Kemo Coliseum project :] I believe something really nice will come out of it and you have my support! The characters are beautiful, especially the muscular ones ;] can’t wait to try it out. Good luck till then. Canada
aisu 寄付に参加するのは初めてないのですが、ケモコロシアムが素敵なので思い切ってやってみました(*・∀・) 完成を楽しみに待ってます! Japan
Shirou Really looking forward to this game. Keep up the good work! Sweden
Anonymous Japan
Poop canaduh
Anonymous Taiwan
Cubby Can’t wait! US
Midvinter Keep up the great work guys, looking forward to seeing the final product! Sweden
石蕗丸 Japan
Anonymous Good luck with the game!
Thanatos1320 Can’t wait to play the game! U.S.
Anonymous Lookin good! 🙂
Frenterik Denmark
Anonymous Japan
Dezmond : ) U.S.
Dem_Prawns Sweden
Zheant To everyone working on the game, keep up the good work! Denmark
kaltet JAPAN
NearLandLight Keep up the great work. Love the game so far and can’t wait to see it when it’s finished and I know you put a lot of hard work into your games so donating to you is my way of saying thanks. Thank you for making Kemo Coliseum and giving your time so that we can have fun. U.S.
Itreyu 😀 Los Angeles, CA
Anonymous I hope this game is a success!
Taylor Jackson Thank you guys, for the amazing games and the optimism in all of your projects. You guys make me smile. <3 U.S.
toma0ethereal US
Anonymous Donator excited
vanreich Gaymer support! U.S.
Anonymous Japan
Rise Keep up the good work :3 Malaysia
Maxx I’m sure this will be a great game! Austria
Epom U.S.
Jace Looking awesome, and glad to support =3 Australia
Kuntos extremely excited to see this game take life one day! 🙂 keep up the awesome work you guys! US
Thanatos1320 Can’t wait for the game! U.S.
Rayn Laehnart Canada
Semental Great job! I love your games ^^ Sweden
Anonymous Looking forward to this! The art looks great! Keep it up, guys! U.S.
Karmakat just wanted to help and say that i really can’t wait to try that game been drooling on the character selection since month SO PLEASE KEEP US INFORMED hehe France
Anonymous Japan
yamataka ケモコロめっちゃ期待してます! 頑張ってください! Japan
マーロンさん A little more money couldn’t hurt, right? Hope it helps!
havik canada
Anonymous Good luck France
Bluewolfsage 😀 I enjoy your dudedle games. Keep up the awesome work. US
TJ Good luck with the game guys! New Zealand
Isaac Kran I’m getting stoked about this game, can’t wait to see the final product 😉 Canada
telochvowim I’m usually not into furry games but this is simply amazing! Hope you’re keep on working 🙂 Europe
Anonymous 期待してます Japan
Vii Corgi !!! US
ecuna 期待しています Japan
ricochet1234 United States
daitenshi It’s awesome to see a full kemono/furry game being published, and with such great talent on board too! Good luck with this and all future projects! 頑張って! Beautiful B.C.
Fretan Europe
Anonymous Don’t stop, keep going! US
Kln Not many furry games, out there. Much less gay furry games. It looks extremly promising, and I can’t wait to play this. Keep up the good work! \o/. France
Anonymous U.S.
Ralos Argoth Just from the progress reports, I can already tell that this will definitely be better than a regular Match-3 puzzle game (and the artwork just sweetens the deal). Keep up the good work! U.S.
Cetais “Hello. People knows me as Cetais, and I am Build Tiger’s page admin on Facebook.
It is a fanpage about one of my favorite Japanese artist, and I really want to share his work to other furry like me. I really love your team, and I’m quite happy to be able to support you. The high resolution of the main character was a really nice surprise, I didn’t expected it.

I’d love to advertise your games on my page like I’ve done some times before. I won’t go and say that you’re the best game studio ever, but at least, I can say that you are the best gay game English studio that is furry friendly. <3 I thought about donating later than now, but I got a $25 Mastercard giftcard. The problem was that everything I need to buy first was in the $27~30... Anyway, I hope you make good use of my first donation. See you, maybe on the Secret Lab forum ... ? "

Canada, Québec.