Kemo Coliseum

Kemo Coliseum 10 characters

Game Information

  • Title: Kemo Coliseum
  • Genre: Match-3 puzzle RPG
  • Player: 1 person
  • Price: Free
  • Console: Windows and Mac
  • Demo release date: TBA
  • Langage: English, Japanese


Making Progress

Public Demo

Updated date: 2015/11/01


Updated on Jan 24th 2014.
Name Comment Region
Jordan K
Anonymous Thailand
ketikoo-kenagiwa been a supporter looking forward to this game's official release and now im officially a donator! u.s
walkwithmoon Japan
Rontiros Taiwan
下戸きんぐ 大変楽しみにしております!ですが、ご無理なさらないように♪ 日本
rouki 楽しみにしてます!頑張ってください Japan
Anonymous Finland
Anonymous 完成楽しみにしています! 頑張って下さい! Japan
ArcTaryx Canada
Pauli "Pave" Haarnimo Ganbare! Finland
werdrontiger awesome game ^_^ U.S.
がりえる 応援してます。頑張って下さい! Japan


What kind of game is this?

“Kemo Coliseum” is a RPG and match-3 puzzle hybrid game. If you know or have played “Puzzle Quest”, then this game is pretty much a furry + nudity version of that. There are variation in gameplay though, so it isn’t an exact copy.

Will there be nudity or erotic scenes in the game?

The game contain strong nudities, mostly involving forced gay sex due to the theme of the game. In the coliseum, the person who lose will have to suffer the ‘punishment’ from the crowd.

How many characters are there?

There are total of 10 major characters that you can see erotic scenes in the game, 3 of them are playable characters. It’s possible that we might create an expansion in the future that allow you to play other character’s scenario.

Will there be female characters? If so, will there be nudity scenes involving female characters?

There are female NPCs in the game that serve for story and setting purpose. However, there will be no erotic scenes involving female in the game.

How much will the game cost?

The game will be free for everyone. Furry gay game is already limited, why not make it free so everyone can enjoy? 🙂 You are encouraged to share, make a copy, put it on hosting site, etc. You are also free to sell the game, if you want to, be it digitally or physically. No need to share us profit, if you don’t feel like it.

How are you gonna make money out of this?

We will accept donation though. If you like the game, want to support what we are doing, or just feel like throwing money at us, then feel free to donate!

What platform will this game be available to?

The game will be playable on Mac and Windows.

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